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The smart digital marketplace for brokers and carriers to manage commercial risk across property, casualty and specialty lines through placement process automation and AI-driven risk appetite matching.

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Total Insured Value


Less time-on-task


Increased production with same size team


Better market responsiveness


Capitola streamlines the marketing process, eliminates repetitive tasks and manual data entry, and takes the headache out of managing complex programs.
Simplified placement process
Easy to create advanced client reports and proposals using customized templates
Dedicated workflows to better build shared and layered programs
Automation that eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing risk of errors
All customer communications are in one universal inbox so your teams can escape endless email chains


Superior AI-Driven market intelligence supercharges your team’s ability to find the right markets for every deal.
Find the right markets every time
Detailed reporting on carrier risk appetite
Maintain institutional knowledge with team-wide collaboration tools


Modern, intuitive tools and technologies delight users, require minimal training, and easily integrate with existing systems.
User friendly interface
Integrates with existing agency systems
Facilitates team sharing and collaboration
Cloud based system so teams can get work done from anywhere


By supporting property, casualty and specialty coverage lines, Capitola has your broker teams covered now, and into the future as your business grows.
Platform spans a breadth of insurance coverage lines and products
Supports your entire broker team and book of business
Connects multiple stakeholders in the ecosystem


"Brokers are at the heart of our organization. Capitola’s solution is solving our brokers’ key pain points and increases the performance of our teams."

Mike Heffernan, President and CEO, Heffernan Insurance Brokers

"The market intelligence that used to be stored in the brains or singular desktop of a very seasoned broker is now available at your finger tips, without the risk of memory loss or being out of date."

David Lewison, EVP, AmWins

"After the recent hard-market conditions, we’re now seeing softening of the market in most areas. A focus on improving operational efficiency is critical in this environment and Capitola’s solution puts this front and center."

Donovan Newell, Management Liability Practice Group Leader, Risk Strategies

"The platform’s integration into most existing Agency Management Systems is key in removing manual entry, thus reducing human errors, lowering E&O exposures and costs."

Paul Lefcourt, Co-Founder and Management Liability Practice Leader, Socius Insurance

"The fact that Capitola’s platform is LOB agnostic makes it very complimentary to support brokers’ entire book of business."

Jeff Hays, CEO, RLA Insurance Intermediaries

"Capitola’s platform is so easy and intuitive to use. It’s great to finally work with a system that puts the broker experience at the center"

Ross Warren, Vice President, Cyber Practice Leader, Accretive

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Excess Placement

Capitola Empowers Brokers and Their Team to Streamline the Placement Process for Large Commercial Insurance
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Save time with our automated workflow and free yourself to focus on serving your customers and growing your book


Find the right capacity providers for each risk using our groundbreaking AI-based risk appetite matching


Never miss a renewal date and collaborate better with your team using our dashboard and delegation tools

Automate Renewals

Turbo-charge the renewal process by using automation and AI-based prediction
Pre-market to incumbents for renewal indication
Project premium rate changes
Quickly market to new carriers for alternatives

Data-Driven Approach for Sourcing Excess Capacity

To complement brokers’ relationships and expertise
AI-assisted matching to find the best capacity providers
Get detailed reports on carriers’ risk appetite
Manage your book of business across coverage lines

Auto-Generate Customer Facing Materials

With the click of a button
Marketing Summary
Expiring Program Summary
New Program Proposal

Leadership Team

Sivan Iram

Co-Founder / CEO

Naor Rosenberg

Co-Founder / CTO

Amit Ben Nathan

Co-Founder / CPO